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AthroSkinFix Suture Closer Device

AthroSkin Fix closes wounds without stitches and reduces surgical scars has become one of the most concerned problems of patients today. AthroSkin Fix closer suture device is a disposable device that intends to close the surgical incision or wound without stitches, reduce the tension of the skin and let it heal naturally. It improves the appearance of scars eventually. This is a non-invasive and advanced choice of wound closing comparing to the traditional methods like suture and skin stapler.

AthroSkin Fix incision closure set is formed by two closure strips and a unique closing system. The operation is very simple: stick the two strips to both sides of incision and screw the locking system with the spiral levers to shorten the distance of incision evenly until fully closed. It will constantly provide a proper force to reduce the tension of incision in 14 days during the natural healing time of ourselves and avoid the secondary damage to the skin.

After 5 years of clinical practice and over quarter million cases,  AthroSkin Fix has become one of the most popular skin closing options for cuticle closure of surgical wounds on the skin surface. We have collected many pictures by using Bifix that indicated a better scar appearance comparing to the regular stitching treatment. The unique spiral fastening structure allows a simple, convenient and reliable operation, to meet the needs of wound closure to a greater extent; the force on both sides of the incision can be adjusted precisely, which is particularly important in the cases of wound edema and subsided inflammatory reaction. It can effectively reduce the generation of hypertrophic scar tissues, to truly achieve a better appearance.  At present, the product has various sizes for general surgery, obstetrics, orthopaedics, minimally invasive surgery. 

AthroSkinFix incision closure set can overcome the disadvantage of suture, staple and glue shown as below


Why use the Screw design

The screw closing method is easy to operate to achieve precise closure, provide proper force to counteract skin tension during the healing of the incision. Anti-rotating back Lock Prevents the adjusting lever from rotating back due to large skin tension Adjusting lever releasing handle:Suitable for joints, need to bend and stretch.  The PSA tape is made of hydrocolloid, its waterproof and breathable, proper stickiness, quite low sensitization, skin protected.

There are different sizes available

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