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EPM Mueller® hip & knee Extractor

The EPM Mueller® Extractor is a valuable instrument for efficient extraction of various orthopaedic implants in revision arthroplasty and trauma surgery. The modular design allows for the use of different attachments thus offering a universal extraction method for a wide range of orthopaedic and trauma surgeries.

The EPM Mueller Extractor Set is distributed by WellWell Medical Ltd.

We are initially Introducing the Hip Stem Extractor, EPM Mueller® Stem Extractor AU-S2  but are planning to expand the set  with the following accessories:

Hip Stem Extractor

Product Features

EPM Mueller® Extractor AU-S2 with 2 exchangeable heads (open AU+ closed S) and one
sliding spacer

To disassemble look at picture 1 and 5.
1. Completely unscrew (reverce clockwise) lever assembly ( jamcase ) of handpiece
2. Remove pinscrew, with the Allan key delivered ( 2a ), than lever ( 2 b ),
thereafter bolt with plasticinset ( 2 c ) with a narrow instrument ( presure rod can be
used )
3. Extract presure rod
4. Detach handpiece by unscrewing completely from the guiding tube
5. Slide off the striking weight
6. Remove the sliding spacer through rectangular space at the instrument head
7. Remove guiding tube by unscrewing completely from the instrument head
Further in case of stocked guiding tube in the handpiece, for exampel after deshidratation of the blood
or overtighting, can be used the wrence keys R7 and R11 as help only for disassambling.

For Assemble, simply use reverse order.
The EPM Mueller® Extractor is by loosening the screw connections without any additional
tools to disassemble or assemble, up to the jamcase, which is further disassembled with the
supplied Allen key, into single pieces.

ATTENTION: use the bolt always with the plasticinset together!

FEM-Analysis of Revision with the EPM Mueller® Stem Extractor
The direction of force of the EPM Mueller® Extractor (normal case) lies in the middle axis XY
of the femora.
The strain distribution in the prosthesis during extraction with the EPM Mueller Extractor is
homogenous, which favors the detachment of the implant from spongiosa and soft tissue.
Strain in the cortical bone is low and shows no peaks.
Therefore the risk of fracture of the cortical bone is minimized.
The EPM Mueller® Extractor is optimized for practical application. The extraction forces are
applied to the relevant sides, the clamping force is extremely high and dependable and the
device can universally be used for the most implant necks. 

EPM Mueller Extractors – Specifications

Striking Weight: 1.0 kg/2.2 lbs  (standard)
1.7 kg/3.74 lbs  (optional)

Stroke Length:   205mm/8.1 inches

Weight: EPM Mueller Slide Hammer Extractor:  2.27 kg/5.0 lbs

Size: Total Length: 550mm/21.7 inche 

Knee Extraction System

The universal extraction d Mueller® Extractor KN2 arising through the increase It ensures secure, efficient concerning the design manufacture as a result o Key part of the instrument exceptional clamping force almost all knee implant de
The applied force is tra
eccentric leverage.


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