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Return Policy

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Process

Prior to sending any merchandise to WellWell Medical for repair or replacement the RMA process must be completed.

1. Contact WellWell Medical to start the RMA Process which will entail the assigning of an RMA number and issuing an RMA Form.

2. When the RMA form is received please follow the instructions for completing the form. Depending on the component being returned a Decontamination Form may be included as part of the RMA form. A £250 charge will be applicable for all systems received by WellWell Medical unclean/not disinfected.

3. Once completed, pack the components and follow the shipping instructions on the form. Include the requested pages of the form in the shipment and write the RMA number on the exterior of the shipping carton(s).

4. WellWell Medical holds the right to charge a 25% restocking fee on items purchased and returned due to any circumstances other than equipment not performing to published specifications.